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LED spot lights

LED spot lights

Product Details

First, the name: LED flood light 120W 150W 180W

Second, the brand: Huading

Third, model: HD-FL120-A HD-FL150-A HD-FL180-A

Fourth, size: 452mm * 303 * 338mm

V. Weight: 12.1 kg 12.1 kg 12.5 kg

Sixth, material: die-cast aluminum Color: black, gray

Seven, features:

Huading HD-FL series LED floodlights are realized by integrating LED light source and lamp housing. The professional thermal design of the lamp housing guarantees excellent heat dissipation. Special surface oxidation treatment technology can easily meet the anti-corrosion requirements of light-emitting applications. The light source adopts high-brightness LED single lamp, and the single light effect can reach 120lm/W. The unique eutectic soldering connection ensures the smooth flow of the LED heat dissipation channel, and the junction temperature is less than 65 °C, effectively controlling the light decay, and the overall life is more than 50,000 hours. The unique single-lamp protection design makes any single LED damage not affect the normal operation of the entire LED fixture. The installation angle is adjustable, and a variety of brackets are fixedly mounted, which is very suitable for the overall replacement of the built-in floodlighting fixtures and the overall installation of the new floodlighting fixtures.

Highly reliable intelligent drive power supply, professional thermal design makes the component operating temperature not more than 60 ° C, high power efficiency, life expectancy of 50,000 hours; wide voltage range input, to ensure the versatility of LED floodlights; unique protection circuit The overall reliability and anti-interference ability of the LED floodlights are improved; the precise constant current control technology ensures the high stability of the LED floodlights. At the same time, it has various advanced control methods such as time-sharing power control, temperature control, optical control, acoustic control and network control.

Huading LED floodlights are suitable for all kinds of light-emitting occasions, easy to install, angle adjustable, and easy to maintain.

Eight, technical indicators: 120W 150W 180W

LED spot lights
LED spot lights
LED spot lights

Note: 1. Huading standard color temperature segment definition:

Nine, light decay curve

LED spot lights

Note: This figure is the statistical calculation result of the actual test data and accelerated aging test data of multi-turn samples, which accurately reflects the light decay condition of the actual use of Huading LED floodlights. In the actual use process, the natural environment such as weather and temperature has a certain impact on light decay. Overall, the lumen maintenance rate is greater than 95% under three years of no maintenance.

X. HD-FL100-A HD-FL120-A HD-FL180-A Typical light distribution curve

LED spot lightsLED spot lights
LED spot lights


1. In order to ensure reliable and stable operation of the LED flood light, the ground wire must be reliably grounded!

2. After the wiring is completed, it must be wrapped with insulating tape to ensure reliable insulation and waterproof treatment!

3. The fastening screws must be fastened and secured to prevent the LED flood light from loosening!

4. The voltage applied to the input terminal should not exceed AC90~305V, otherwise it will cause irreparable damage!

5. This luminaire is a Z-type connection. The external flexible cable or cord of this luminaire cannot be replaced. If it is damaged, the luminaire will be scrapped!

6. Replace any cracked protective cover! 5mm thick CCC certified tempered glass